Introducing a breakthrough new way to generate fresh revenue.

Gain unprecedented access to the largest group of untapped, charitably motivated consumers ever assembled. This is the first program to convert consumer passion for worthy causes into incremental business for you on a scale never before possible. Simply said, this isn't a handout; this is smarter marketing.

Drives consumers to you.

Nonprofits leverage their marketing assets to get the word out. We bring you new customers and forge strong emotional consumer connections because they know their purchases support their favorite charities. As a result, your consumer base expands, loyalty grows and sales per customer increases.

91% are likely to switch brands/retailers to one associated with a good cause when the price is equal.

2013 Cone Communications

Omnichannel solution. Data that guarantees results.

Our proprietary sales tracking works online or in-store and requires no integration. We provide data analytics so you can see the power of the program — sales lift, brand switching and incrementality. We differentiate your brand and provide targeted offers to those you want to reach.

Everyone benefits without direct association.

We give merchants and nonprofits the benefits of working together without requiring them to endorse each other. You'll immediately enjoy the added visibility among the nation's favorite nonprofit groups. Consumers choose which charities to support, then prove it at the cash register.

It works, or you don't pay.

This is a nearly effortless way to generate fresh revenue with absolutely no upfront cost. Charities urge their supporters to shop your brand - and you get guaranteed, measurable sales results without paying anything until they buy.

You may already be doing good, let us show you how to do better business.

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