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Donations are sent to your selected charities on your behalf.

Choose from over 1 million charities.

Select your favorite charity or support multiple charities and split the support among them. Select one of our local favorites below to earn more.

Street Poets
The People Concern
Youth Mentoring Connection

Enrolling is easy, free and secure.

Simple card registration

A one-time linking of any existing credit or debit cards and that's it. No coupons or codes needed.

No cost to you or the charity

Participating merchants fund the donation and 100% is sent to your selected charities on your behalf.

Limited information-only access

The program, on a read-only basis, only verifies transactions with participating merchants. Your cards can't be charged and money can never be moved. Your information is never shared or sold.

Bank-level security

We use the same 128-bit high-level encryption as your bank.

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